About us

We shine a spotlight on Berlin art, culture and history for the broad general public. We also initiate special events and help to network and advise various actors in the cultural industries. Yet another of our main tasks is to support projects that foster cultural education.

Our vision

Our work is aimed at inspiring curiosity for Berlin art, culture and history – everywhere and at all times. We implement unique projects that are designed to be as inclusive and participatory as possible, which enables us to reach wide-ranging audiences both at home and abroad. As a non-profit organisation funded by the federal state of Berlin, we see ourselves as intermediaries linking a wide array of institutions and organisations active in the fields of culture, education, science, research, politics and business in Berlin. Our network forms the backbone of our work and makes it possible for us to transform our unusual concepts and exciting ideas into actual events that offer productive and unforgettable experiences and exchanges.

Our goals

We work in partnership with the federal state of Berlin and often also on behalf of the City of Berlin. As a state-owned, non-profit company, our greatest strength is our proven ability to develop one-of-a-kind cultural projects by bringing public stakeholders from the district, state and federal realm together with partners from the private sector on a national and international level.

We organise large-scale city-wide projects and conceive and coordinate “theme years” and city anniversaries, including the Long Night of Museums, the Berlin Art Week, the Zerstörte Vielfalt (Diversity Destroyed) theme year and the 20th and 25th anniversaries of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which were marked by the special events referred to as the DOMINOAKTION (Domino Event) and LICHTGRENZE (Border of Lights).

We link artists, creatives and cultural institutions together by means of service-oriented web portals, including Creative City Berlin, Crowdfunding Berlin, Museumsportal Berlin, Berlin Bühnen (Berlin Theatres), Kubinaut - Navigation Kulturelle Bildung (Kubinaut – Cultural Education Navigation) and Kulturförderpunkt Berlin (Cultural Funding Berlin).

We provide consulting and advice to artists and creatives with regard to funding programmes, business plans and other financial opportunities. We also operate a project fund that hands out €2 million annually to local and city-wide projects in the sphere of cultural education. At the moment, we are developing the Podewil building – where our organisation has its offices – into a leading centre for cultural education.   Our other tasks include organising tours in Berlin museums, managing visitor and booking systems for museums, operating a telephone hotline with information on all museums in Berlin and publishing the MuseumsJournal, a special interest magazine covering museums.

We are also responsible for managing the transmediale Festival, the SCHAUBUDE BERLIN (Spielstätte für das Theater der Dinge/Venue for the Theatre of Things) and TanzForumBerlin, a video platform for contemporary dance.