Cultural Education

In the diverse urban society of Berlin, cultural education is an important prerequisite for participating in cultural life. Each year, we support and advise over 250 cultural education projects and help to network various actors across the city.

Three times a year, we support innovative local and city-wide collaborative projects with €2 million via a cultural education fund known as the PROJEKTFONDS KULTURELLE BILDUNG. Launched in 2008, this fund has enabled us to reach more than 100,000 children, teenagers and young adults in Berlin, all of whom were able engage in artistic activities as part of over 2,200 projects and programmes. With the help of our online cultural education platform known as KUBINAUT - NAVIGATION KULTURELLE BILDUNG, we help to highlight the tremendous work being done in the realm of cultural education while also linking various partners and fostering a fruitful exchange of experience among various players. Together with partners such as GRIPS, TANZZEIT, ERZÄHLZEIT, TUSCH and TUKI, we are also in the process of establishing the PODEWIL cultural site as a central location for cultural education in Berlin. In addition, we host a regular flow of Berlin-based, national and international cultural education festivals, including the FRATZ festival for very young audiences and the AUGENBLICK MAL! THEATRE FESTIVAL FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES.

Current Projects


Kubinaut is a Berlin community platform catering to organisations involved in cultural education.


Wild Palace

Young savages, dream dancers and word acrobats, revolutionaries and starry-eyed idealists, hopeful talents, and worldly-wise professionals: the Wild Palace.


Berlin Projects Funds for Cultural Education

The Berlin Project Funds is a central instrument designed to enable ground-breaking projects in the field of cultural education.



The Interventionen is a conference and festival that advocates for the dismantling of discrimination and barriers to access in culture and education.

All current projects

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