If Berlin were a brand, history would be its core USP. With open-air exhibitions and events taking place throughout the city, Berlin makes it possible for the general public to experience history while also proving that it’s possible to convey even the most challenging historical themes in a popular manner.

Berlin was shaped by the 20th century more than most other cities in the world. Visitors to Berlin and Berliners themselves continue to be fascinated by the city's past, especially the Berlin Wall and the Nazi era. Events and festivities celebrating the the 25th anniversaries of the fall of the Wall such as the LICHTGRENZE reached millions of people both at home and abroad, most recently in 2019 for the 30th anniversary of the PEACEFUL REVOLUTION. The reception was equally as strong in 2013, when the city reflected on the persecution and forced conformity of the Nazi era with year-long events focusing on the theme of ZERSTÖRTE VIELFALT (Diversity Destroyed). Our organisation was responsible for developing these and many other large-scale projects from the original idea all the way to the design and implementation. Today, we continue to bring different partners together, working with them on unconventional new ideas that bring history to life for all to experience. Most of our unique urban-space projects create a link to the present time. For example, the large-scale photos commemorating the 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE END OF WWII in 2015 were located on the very same spots where the historical photographs were taken. And 2020, a virtual exhibition and more digital offers commemorate the 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATION OF EUROPE FROM NAZI TYRANNY. On the occasion of BERLIN'S 775TH BIRTHDAY in 2012, we contextualised stories of migration and immigration on the former Palace Square with a city map in a 1:775 scale. Also, on the very spot where the HUMBOLDT FORUM is currently being built on a 4,000 square metre space, we are creating an exhibition exploring the many links connecting Berlin and the world.

Current Projects

75th Anniversary of the End of World War II

8 May – The Liberation of Europe from National Socialism


BERLIN GLOBAL – The Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum

The Berlin Exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in past and present developments that connect Berlin with the world.


Archived Projects

30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution - Fall of the Berlin Wall

Berlin will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and the fall of the Wall from 4 to 10 November 2019 with a grand festival.


100 years of bauhaus in berlin

The Bauhaus is marking its 100th anniversary with a series of Germany-wide events, including a number of special programmes and events in Berlin.



Capital hosts official festivities next year.


100 Years of Revolution – Berlin 1918/19

More than 250 exhibitions and events throughout Berlin will commemorate the events of the years 1918/19, while also linking them to contemporary issues.


May '45 – Spring in Berlin

Berlin was a destroyed city in the spring of 1945. The war and the Nazi regime had left deep wounds – not just on the city itself.


25 Years Fall of the Wall

Berlin’s anniversary project 2014 – the LICHTGRENZE, a light installation along the former course of the wall in the centre of Berlin around November 9.



A joint effort to span the chasm between the diversity destroyed by the Nazi regime to Berlin's newfound diversity as an international centre.


Paradise is everywhere – 500 years of reformation

Alle archivierten Projekte

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