Berlin has one of the most fascinating and wide-ranging arrays of museums in the world. At Kulturprojekte Berlin, we use our expertise to draw attention to the myriad of art found in the city’s 180 museums and to publicise these treasures among an even wider general public.

The world-famous Pergamon Museum, the stunning Nefertiti bust, centuries-old art collections and the gigantic dinosaur skeleton at the Museum of Natural History – these are only a few examples of the vast treasures contained in Berlin’s museums. Our organisation helps to connect these many museums while also supporting their efforts in the field of cultural education and public relations. We also manage a large-scale, one-of-a-kind event in which all museums participate, namely the LONG NIGHT OF MUSEUMS (Lange Nacht der Museen). Launched in 1987 in Berlin, this special night in August has long since become a cult highlight of Berlin’s summer calendar and is now imitated by other cities across the globe. Our online MUSEUM PORTAL (Museumsportal) is unique in the world and provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on all 180 museums in Berlin in six different languages. Four times a year, we publish the MUSEUMSJOURNAL, a magazine in which museum curators and exhibition makers get to express and discuss their views and opinions. Our MUSEUM SERVICE BERLIN (Museumdienst Berlin) also takes on service tasks ranging from the early development of different marketing formats to booking duties for select museums and exhibitions, including the Martin Gropius Bau, the German Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum) and the Berlinische Galerie.

Current Projects

Long Night of Museums

The Long Night of Museums is one of Berlin's best-known events. Visitors from around the world can gain an insight into the museum landscape.


Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum

The Berlin Exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in past and present developments that connect Berlin with the world.


Museum Service Berlin

The service foster the spreading of culture, literature, film, music or history - in a way that is true to life and in accordance with specific needs.



In the summer Berlin's museums have a unique appeal: there are those that lie in the thick of nature, by water, with their own gardens or spectacular views.


Museumsportal Berlin

The first shared website between Berlin museums, to gain a unique overview of the vast and diverse museum-landscape within the capital.



The MuseumsJournal guides you through one of the most distinguished museum landscapes in the world.


Berlin Sports Museum

The bell tower of the Olympic Stadion will soon be the home of a sports museum.

Alle laufenden Projekte

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