GRIPS Theatre

The GRIPS theatre is an absolute classic in Berlin in the realm of theatre for children and teenagers. It has been presenting inspirational shows such as “Linie 1” and many others for more than 30 years. GRIPS operates its second venue at the Podewil cultural site.

Wild Palace

This event series co-organised by Kulturprojekte Berlin, GRIPS Theater, TanzZeit and ErzählZeit has functioned as a showcase for our various activities.


TanzZeit is responsible for bringing works designed by professional choreographers for children and teenagers to the stage on a regular basis. 

TUSCH Festival

The theatre festival is the annual TUSCH highlight. Second and third TUSCH-year partnerships present the artistic results of their theatre projects on the big stage.

Augenblick mal! 2017

The festival "Augenblick mal!" is the platform for the presentation and reflection of the theatre for young audiences in Germany as art and cultural education. The nationwide festival has been held every two years since 1991 in Berlin.

TanzZeit presents!

The Podewil cultural site will revel in the hustle and bustle of dance as roughly 500 Berlin school children present their choreographies. Each TanzZeit class will have trained together with dance professionals for one full school year. 

INTERVENTIONEN - Diversity in Arts & Education

The INTERVENTIONEN is a conference and festival that advocates for the dismantling of discrimination and barriers to access in culture and education.

TUKI Festtag
On this special day, TUKI will unlock theatre treasure chests and let out a lot of crazy secrets. Children of all ages are invited to join in, experience and reflect.

ErzählZeit Festtag

Over the course of three days, myths and fairy tales will transform the Podewil into a land of adventure! Young people participating in ErzählZeit classes, professional Berlin storytellers and international guests are among those invited to hear stories and present some of their own.  

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