Under our Roof

Together with our partners GRIPS Theater, TanzZeit, ErzählZeit, TUSCH and TUKI, we are establishing the Podewil as a central location for cultural education in Berlin. 

GRIPS Theatre
The GRIPS theatre is an absolute classic in Berlin in the realm of theatre for children and teenagers. It has been presenting inspirational shows such as “Linie 1” and many others for more than 30 years. GRIPS operates its second venue at the Podewil cultural site. 

TanzZeit works in a number of different ways to teach dance in schools as an elementary form of learning and expression. 

ErzählZeit is a long-term project that aims to foster and develop language skills and imagination in everyday school practice and socio-cultural life.

TUSCH - Theatre Plus School
TUSCH is a collaborative cultural education project that arranges three-year partnerships between Berlin schools and theatres.

TUKI - Theatre and Kita
TUKI is a vibrant example of the collaboration between Berlin kindergartens (“Kitas”) and theatre made especially for children. Its goal is to strengthen early childhood education in Berlin and make it even more sustainable.

State Association of Museums in Berlin
The State Association of Museums in Berlin (Landesverband der Museen zu Berlin, LMB) represents the interested of Berlin’s museums and collections. It fosters mutual consulting, support and cooperation among museums.

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