The app "Augmented Berlin" lets visitors immerse in Berlin's multifaceted past through augmented reality. The app, which is constantly being expanded, now contains three episodes dedicated to the themes "30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution - Fall of the Berlin Wall", "75th Anniversary of the End of World War II" and, brand new, "30 Years of Unity".

The app is available free of charge at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The new episode of the free downloadable app "Augmented Berlin" takes place at the club Tresor around the years 1990/91. The German Unity was carried out in Berlin, on the dance floor. In the clubs and open spaces and at the Love Parade, the soundtrack of unity was created. This is where East and West really came together - and what was often perceived as a dividing line in everyday life and sometimes has remained to this day did not matter on Berlin‘s dance floors. Here was the promised freedom, the promised unity and the joint departure into happiness. The users follow a young woman around the then still fallow Potsdamer Platz to Leipziger Straße 126 A, where she experiences the legendary sound of the unification in the club Tresor.

The other two episodes are dedicated to the fall of the Wall and the end of the war: The events are recounted at five original locations of the Peaceful Revolution. For example, the users become part of the demonstration on Alexanderplatz on November 4, 1989, or suddenly find themselves at the former Stasi headquarters, where surveillance and spying by their own state are impressively addressed. Starting at Pariser Platz, the AR journey through time on the end of the war begins in 1933 with a narrative until May 8, 1945. Two actual witnesses of the Nazi era - a Jewish teacher who survived in the underground and the daughter of a woman who hid immersed people - make the users witnesses of the gradual displacement of Berlin Jews from public life up to the deportations starting in 1941.

The Kulturprojekte Berlin app "Augmented Berlin" was developed by BetaRoom (lead by Peter Kolski). The episode on the occasion of "30 Years of Unity" was developed in cooperation with Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor Berlin).

The app is available free of charge at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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