BERLIN 365/24 is the city marketing initiative of Kulturprojekte Berlin and visitBerlin, and combined a variety of strategic, communicative and creative measures.
BERLIN 365/24 brought Berlin to a common denominator and the fascination for Berlin to the point, in order to promote Berlin in suitable markets and to invite those interested in culture and events to the metropolis.
Since the campaign's launch in 2016, measures have included Out-of-home advertisement campaigns (Poland, Germany, Croatia), online marketing campaigns (France, Brazil, Czech Republic), print advertising campaigns (Germany, Brazil, Israel, France), trade fair appearances (Germany, Malaysia) and the Pop into Berlin event series (Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Germany).
Kulturprojekte Berlin as co-initiator was responsible not only for the creation and monitoring of the design fundamentals and the implementation of many national and international sub-campaigns, but also for the integration of BERLIN 365/24 into the Berlin cultural landscape.


Till Hurlin, Head of Marketing & Sales


Berlin 365/24 is an initiative of Kulturprojekte Berlin and visit Berlin.

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