BERLIN 365/24 Is a joint city marketing initiative launched by Kulturprojekte Berlin and visitBerlin.
BERLIN 365/24 brings Berlin down to a common denominator and precisely captures the feeling that draws millions of people to this city every year.
BERLIN 365/24 represents culture- and event capital Berlin in all its variety and creativity, from mainstream to niche and everything in-between.

National and international communication activities in the context of BERLIN 365/24 show Berlin to be more than just the well-known, renowned and highly-anticipated; it is also a constant, inexhaustible source of all things new, surprising and unusual.

BERLIN 365/24 is a promise: Berlin is worth it – any time of the year, any time of day.


Till Hurlin, Head of Marketing & Sales


Berlin 365/24 is an initiative of Kulturprojekte Berlin and visit Berlin.

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