Since 2015 Kulturprojekte Berlin has been developing the Berlin exhibition commissioned by the Berlin Senate.  On around 4,000 square metres, the “BERLIN GLOBAL” will explore the complex web of relationships between Berlin and the world. The exhibition will be seen on the first floor above ground of the Humboldt Forum for a period of five years.
The opening of BERLIN GLOBAL is aimed in spring 2021, depending on further developments and measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Berlin has been actively engaging with the world for centuries. The city, its people and the events it launched have changed the world. Conversely, global events – both past and present – have affected Berlin. Proceeding from current questions, developments and challenges, the Berlin Exhibition examines selected topics to show the city as part of what has long been an interconnected world. The exhibition therefore does not take a chronological approach. Instead, it is a contemporary view on the city that focuses on Revolution, Free Space, Boundaries, Entertainment, War, Fashion and Interconnection. These aspects also feature in other metropolises, but in this combination they reflect the essence of Berlin. They are designed to stimulate visitor involvement – to recall their own experiences, make their own associations and, in the light of the past and present, form their own ideas of the city’s future and its global interconnections.


The Berlin Exhibition was developed right from the start with a large number of partners.
 The displays reflect discussions and workshops with Berliners from all walks of life, and the views of initiatives, associations and institutions. Diverse perspectives on the city incorporate everything from consultation and collaboration with experts, museums and interest groups to active participation by artists, photographers and urban artists, along with community presentations. This yields a wealth of voices and stories, including a lot that is little known or surprising. Its sound portraits, film material, historical items and objects on loan from individuals, coupled with its presentation thereof in theme-based settings, make the exhibition with its expansive installations and immersive presentations an experience in every sense of the word.


Numerous participatory and media-based elements in each of the theme-based rooms invite visitors to join in. Wristbands available at the entrance offer an interactive tour with electronic links to the exhibits. At the end visitors receive a summary of their very own experience, and can engage in discussion with others about the exhibition’s themes and their own personal connections with the world.


The 360-degree work of art entitled Thinking the World by urban artists How and Nosm greets visitors in the exhibition’s first room. More information. The digital experience “360° Thinking the World” offers insight into the exhibition’s first room. Let our guides explain some of the exhibition's topics and viewpoints, or explore this virtual space on your own.

The door of a vault separates the “Free Space” and “Boundaries” rooms. More information.

The SORRYFORNOTHING art action and sculpture by Philip Kojo Metz in the “War” room is the Berlin Exhibition’s first contribution to examining German colonial history. More information.


Kulturprojekte Berlin develops the Berlin exhibition at the Humboldt Forum on behalf of the Berlin Senate and in close cooperation with the Stadtmuseum Berlin. The concept and content of the exhibition were developed by a team led by Paul Spies, Chief Curator of the State of Berlin at the Humboldt Forum and Director of the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Kulturprojekte Berlin is responsible for the overall management of the project including the production of the exhibition, communication and - together with the Stadtmuseum Berlin - for mediation including accessibility and inclusion.

Download Flyer The Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum

For further information, please visit:


Simone Leimbach, Leitung Abteilung Ausstellungen & Veranstaltungen

Jana Sperling, Coordination Press and Communication Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum

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