The partnership between Berlin and Warsaw - stipulated in the "Abkommen über Freundschaft und Zusammenarbeit" (Friendship and Cooperation Agreement") on 12th August 1992 - has been established now for 20 years. This agreement has proven to be instrumental in stimulating diverse, bilateral contact and initiatives, creating various networks and devloping cooperative work on a variety of levels: in the areas Urban Development, Building and Living, Business and the Job Market, Transport and Environment, Science and Education and last but not least, culture. 20 Years of Partnership Berlin-Warsaw' turned its attention to the young generations in Berlin and Warsaw and the future of this partnership. Events and collaborative projects took place in Berlin and Warsaw between August and December 2011. Two exhibitions confronted those people who emigrated to the respective partner city and the world-famous members of the Polish Jazz Scene Tomasz Stanko, Leszek Mozdzer and Adam Pieronczyk opened the JazzFest Berlin as part of the 20th Anniversary Celebrations.


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