To ensure that Berlin’s cultural sector better reflects the city’s diversity the Senate Department for Culture and Europe has created a design and consultation office for diversity development: Diversity Arts Culture was founded in April 2017. Its goal is encourage and support diversity-focused structural change within Berlin’s cultural sector. Until the end of 2018 Diversity Arts Culture was housed at the Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, since 2019 it is part of the Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Consultation.

Diversity Arts Culture offers consultations to cultural institutions on matters of diversity. It develops diversity training courses for art practitioners and offers support to artists and art practitioners who don’t have equal access to opportunities within the cultural sector. Moreover, Diversity Arts Culture provides consultations on diversity to the Administration of Arts and Culture and collect data on equity in Berlin’s cultural sector.

The project office offers expertise and conveys practical knowledge. It provides a (free) space for reflected practice and supports the transfer of successful activities and models into cultural practice. To do this, it develops formats suited to the transfer of knowledge, exchange of experience and empowerment in cooperation with cultural institutions and agents in the independent scene, as well as critical diversity practices.

As of 2017 the project office conducted surveys, coordinated needs assessments and carried out fundamental research that contributes to a better understanding of challenges and potential in the context of diversity in Berlin’s cultural sector. These results serve as the basis for the office’s development of strategies, measures and to-be-designed formats that are offered since 2018.


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