Berlin is a hotspot for creative individuals from all over the world. This applies just as much to the innovative products and business ideas generated by the startup scene as it does to the enormous diversity of the city’s cultural landscape. Launched in a joint initiative by visitBerlin, Kulturprojekte Berlin and beBerlin, “Pop into Berlin” comprises pop-up stores designed to showcase Berlin’s creative energy. These pop-up stores have already completed a successful tour of European cities, including Amsterdam, London, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw, Madrid and Zurich. At the same time, pop-up labs in Munich, Stuttgart, London and Tel Aviv were able to showcase the recipes for success used by booming Berlin startups.

Pop-Up Club

The Pop-Up Club promises Berlin fans all over the world an even wider array of authentic impressions. In 2016, we joined with a number of partners, including raumlaborberlin, Berlinische Galerie and Musicboard, to showcase Berlin’s cultural and creative scene in Warsaw, Madrid and Zurich. Under the motto “BERLIN 365/24”, the focus was on architecture, creative cities, art and music. In Warsaw, a former strip joint was transformed into a Pop-Up Club; in Madrid we took over a co-working space; and in Zurich we set up in a workshop near the main train station. ARCHITECTURE – raumlaborberlinThe architectural collective known as raumlabor erected a club in each location using materials found on site. Visitors were invited to follow the “upcycling” installation live prior to the opening party and afterwards enjoy that authentic Berlin club atmosphere. raumlaborberlin was founded in 1999 and is well-known for taking a cross-genre and interdisciplinary approach to their work at the interface between architecture, urban planning, art and intervention.

CREATVE CITY – NEWNIQ and Creative City Berlin

Berlin is a creative centre for people from all over the world and one of UNESCO’s official Creative Cities of Design. The two Berlin-based creative companies NEWNIQ and Creative City Berlin showcased what’s happening at the cutting edge of product design, fashion and street art in Berlin. With more than 13,000 profiles and 100 network partners, Creative City Berlin is the city’s key online portal for artists, cultural producers and the creative industries.

ART – Berlinische Galerie

Berlin is the chosen home of thousands of artists. The city’s art scene is highly unique and boasts roughly 350 galleries, 180 museums and many renowned festivals, including the Berlin Art Week. The Berlinische Galerie is a state museum focusing on modern art, photography and architecture, collecting artworks created in Berlin from 1870 to today. It contributed a video-art series, a performance and a DJ set to the initiative.

MUSIC – Musicboard Berlin, Pop Culture and Music Tech Fest

The Music Tech Fest showcased exciting examples of innovative music technology. Select artists drawn from the Musicboard Berlin and the “Pop-Kultur Festival” provided that unique Berlin sound. The Musicboard Berlin supports Berlin’s pop music scene and works to foster the city’s cultural and economic standing.

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