Due to the current Corona regulations, the exhibition will remain closed for the time being.

The pop-up exhibition „Place for Flying“ in Terminal 1 of BER invites you to take a flight through the origins of BER and the history of flying in Berlin-Brandenburg - with curious and interesting information about BER and the history of flying in Berlin and Brandenburg.

On 31 October 2020, the capital’s airport BER opened. Now that all the jokes have been cracked and half the world has made fun of Berlin, the question remains: Why did another eight years go by before the opening could be celebrated? Which breakdowns actually led to the postponement? What has been changed in order to be able to open what is probably the most modern airport in the world? What did the whole thing cost? At the heart of the exhibition „Place for Flying“, quite literally, is ‘Willy Brandt’ BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport: The new airport had earned a reputation before any passengers checked in.

„Place for Flying“ shows BER in the context of the history of flying in Berlin-Brandenburg: A timeline marks the start of the journey, showing 28 key events of aviation history in Berlin and Brandenburg in fast motion – from the first ascent in a hot-air balloon to the opening of BER Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. The profiles of seven airports, with amazing stories connected to each, address compelling aspects, such as "Airworld" as a supposed male domain, the connection between war and flying, with special emphasis on forced labour under the Nazis, the East-West conflict, and the airports’ roles in the history of Berlin. Aviation not only shaped the economy, tourism, and the travel industry but also, crucially, urban development.

Finally, a look ahead to the future is ventured: What is a modern Airport City? How is increased environmental awareness changing flying - and therefore the airports? This section is an invitation to a city-wide debate on what BER Airport and the connected facilities, the defunct Tegel Airport, and the popular public park Tempelhofer Feld could be.

An exhibition by Kulturprojekte Berlin in cooperation with Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH.

The latest anti-coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations apply. For further details and opening hours of the exhibition, please see: www.berlin-airport.de


Sylvia Hahn, Projektmanagement

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