For 28 years, the Berlin Wall divided Berlin into East and West – for 28 years, Berlin and Germany have been reunited. For the celebration of the Day of German Unity 2018, there is no better place than the capital. On behalf of the Berlin Senate, Kulturprojekte Berlin conceives and implements the three-day street festival as the centrepiece of this year’s celebrations.

People from Berlin, Germany, Europe and around the world celebrated freedom, diversity and democracy together from the 1st to 3rd of October. In this same spirit, Berlin hosted a three-day celebration that used history as an opportunity to examine the state of unity after 28 years and presented ideas for the future. Wherever it says Berlin, Berlin has to be inside: The capital represents history, creative culture, sport and innovation. This is complemented by the growing attractiveness of the bar and restaurant scene.

Many hundreds of partners, the staging, and the programme itself communicate this form of Berlin’s authenticity. The claim was set by the motto NUR MIT EUCH (Only with you): it embodies the design, implementation, and mediation of the contents which are all the result of a participatory process. At the same time, creativity and tolerance should reflect the character of the city. Located at historical sites of division and unity, the public celebration and the occasion itself took on new significance and garnered widespread attention.

The history of German unity showed that overcoming social and political fears – with all its associated difficulties, challenges and uncertainties – is profitable, reinforcing and promising for the future over the long term. Looking back at 28 years of German unity shows: it only works with the whole society, only internationally, only with you.


Susanne Galle, Head of Press and Public Relations

Till Hurlin, Head of Marketing & Sales

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