90 days, 90 locations, 90 events: Berlin’s Kultursommerfestival will offer a diverse programme of cultural events at unusual sites – outdoors, free of charge and all over the city.

Berlin is so much more than just popular sites like the Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower and Museum Island. It’s also the Schäfersee Lake, the Weberwiese Park and the Fennpfuhl residential area. On every single day from 18 June to mid-September 2022, we’re going to bring different events to different locations – in every district, in every neighbourhood and in a way that’s equally accessible to all Berliners and guests to the city.

The Kultursommerfestival will be an inclusive festival offering a broad programme of events that reflect the diversity of the capital and its residents. There will be something for everyone, including everything from literary readings and theatre presentations to classical music and dance performances. Our aim is to fill uninhabited urban spaces with culture while also discovering previously unknown locations and shedding a brand new light on popular spaces.

We intend to work in close cooperation with a wide array of both small and large Berlin-based cultural institutions and facilities. Special emphasis will be placed on the quality of events and on making them as close and accessible to the general public as possible. To achieve this goal, each individual program item will be carefully curated. Our focus throughout will be on fostering unforgettable summer experiences for all Berliners.

The Kultursommerfestival is part of the DRAUSSENSTADT urban culture initiative.

“Art and culture have the unique ability to generate a tangible sense of cohesion and solidarity – which is something that’s more important today than ever before.”
Dr. Klaus Lederer, Senator for Culture and Europe


Alma Sophie Seiberth
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