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Streckenführung mit attraktiven Zwischenhalten auf dem Weg nach Wrocław
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The Culture Train connects Berlin with the Polish metropolis of Wrocław in around 4.5 hours and runs every weekend until December 29, 2024. On Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, the train runs from Berlin-Lichtenberg to Wrocław Główny. The cultural train returns on Friday and Sunday evenings. The Culture Train also runs between Berlin and Wrocław on selected public holidays.

The Culture Train runs on the following route:

Berlin-Lichtenberg – Berlin Ostkreuz – Cottbus Hbf – Weißwasser (Oberlausitz) – Węgliniec – Bolesławiec – Chojnów – Legnica – Wrocław Główny

The Culture Train ticket for only € 24,90 (one way) is available here and at DB Travel Centers, DB agencies or DB ticket machines. There are discounted fares as well. Our tip: With the “Deutschlandticket” you can travel as far as Cottbus Hbf, after which the onward journey to Wrocław costs only € 19,90. We recommend a seat reservation, which is available for €4.90 at DB Travel Centers or DB agencies. Secure a seat in the culture compartment (carriage 1) now!

Culture Train benefits: With the Kulturzug ticket, public transport in Wrocław can be used free of charge. Culture Train passengers receive a 15% discount in the “Historic Hotels” of Wrocław with the code Culturetrain24 at www.europejskiwroclaw.pl.

Please refer to bahn.de or the DB Navigator app for timetable changes or current information on the timetable. Also visit our Instagram channel for the latest news and updates!

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From Berlin to Wrocław

  Friday Saturday
 Valid until: 29 Dec 2024
IRE 5839 IRE 5837
Berlin Lichtenberg 14:43 08:42
Berlin Ostkreuz 14:48 08:48
Cottbus Hbf 16:11 10:12
Weißwasser (Oberlausitz) 16:46 10:46
Węgliniec 17:32 11:32
Bolesławiec 17:47 11:47
Chojnów 18:04 12:04
Legnica 18:19 12:17
Wrocław Główny 19:21 12:57


Attention: The Culture Train (IRE5837) departs on July 6th 2024 (Saturday) at 7:41 a.m. from Berlin-Lichtenberg and at 7:47 a.m. from Berlin Ostkreuz.

On the return journey to Berlin on July 5th 2024 (Friday), the Culture Train won’t stop in Berlin Ostkreuz and will arrive late at 00:26 in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

On Thursday, October 3, 2024, the Culture Train will run additionally and according to the Saturday timetable.

From Wrocław to Berlin

  Friday Sunday
 Valid until: 29 Dec 2024 IRE 5838 IRE 5836
Wrocław Główny 19:38 17:25
Legnica 20:20 18:14
Chojnów 20:33 18:26
Bolesławiec 20:49 18:43
Węgliniec 21:06 19:01
Weißwasser (Oberlausitz) 21:48 19:48
Cottbus Hbf 22:26 20:26
Berlin Ostkreuz 23:51 21:52
Berlin Lichtenberg 23:57 21:58