Under our roof

TanzZeit / Club Oval
© René Löffler

The Kulturprojekte team works with our in-house partners to support a number of cultural-education projects. The Podewil plays host to national and international festivals on a regular basis, and we also organise discussions, workshops and conferences focusing on the subject of culture and education.

TanzZeit / Club Oval
© René Löffler

GRIPS Theater
This longstanding theatre has been entertaining and inspiring children and teenagers for more than 30 years with the help of such classics as “Linie 1”. In addition to its main venue in the district of Berlin-Moabit, the GRIPS Theater has its second home at the Podewil.

TanzZeit is committed in a variety of ways to promoting dance as a key form of expression and learning in schools.

ErzählZeit is a long-term project created to develop language skills and foster children’s imagination in everyday school life and social culture.

TUSCH – Theatre and School
This cultural-education cooperation project promotes three-year partnerships between Berlin schools and theatres.

TUKI – Theatre and Kita
TUKI is a vibrant partnership programme between Kitas and theatres designed to foster sustainable early-childhood cultural education in Berlin.

Wildes Palais

The “Wildes Palais” (wild palace) is a joint event series created by Kulturprojekte Berlin, GRIPS Theater, TanzZeit and ErzählZeit. It acts as a showcase for the various activities taking place in the Podewil all year round.

Fair Play – Kunst für mehr Gerechtigkeit (im Rahmen vom Wilden Palais)
© Mohammad Saleh