Goal-turf installation

The biggest football goal
in the world
at the Brandenburg Gate

In celebration of the 2024 European football championship being held in Germany, we’ve built the biggest football goal in the world to function as a frame around the Brandenburg Gate. The goalpost is 63 metres wide, 21 metres high and weighs 40 tonnes. To complete the picture, we also rolled out 24,000 m² of artificial turf in two areas, the Platz des 18. März and the Straße des 17. Juni. The result of this huge goal-turf installation is a pop-up park that will serve throughout the tournament as the setting for traditional large-scale public viewing, for a multifaceted programme of cultural events and entertainment and as a meeting point for football fans from all over Europe.

The artificial turf is 100 % recyclable

The turf we used for the installation meets all the latest standards and was specially developed and made for the UEFA EURO 2024. The turf is a CO₂-reduced and climate-neutral synthetic turf and 100 % recyclable. In keeping with the global goals for sustainable development contained in the UN’s Agenda 2030 and, in particular, as a way of avoiding the use of microplastics, the turf is filled with a natural material (single grain, quartz sand) rather than rubber granulate, thus eliminating a main source of microplastic emissions. This allows us to reduce to a minimum the danger that fine dust is released into the environment during the event and also long thereafter as part of the turf’s post-tournament use.

Tor am Brandenburger Tor am 26.05.2024 in Berlin, Deutschland. (Foto von Moritz Eden / City-Press GmbH Bildagentur)

A new home for the turf after the 2024 Euro

EM Staatsbesuch am Brandenburger Tor am 26.05.2024 in Berlin, Deutschland. (Foto von Marco Leipold / City-Press GmbH Bildagentur)

In keeping with our commitment to social, ecological and economic sustainability, we will be distributing the artificial turf after the UEFA EURO 2024 to football pitches and sport fields in Berlin. As soon the tournament comes to an end, the turf will be cleaned and cut to fit the dimensions of whichever pitch it is being sent to.

Overwhelming demand

The story so far: the following sites will be renovated after the UEFA EURO 2024 using EURO-turf from the Fan Zone Berlin. The current selection of recipients was made after an initial needs report submitted by Berlin’s Bezirks- und Grünflächenämter, the offices responsible for caring for green spaces in the city. An additional waiting list was closed to new entries on 31 May, as the demand had already far exceeded the amount of turf available.

Location: Arndt-Gymnasium Dahlem
Address: Königin-Luise-Str. 80, 14195 Berlin
Berlin district: Steglitz

Type of site: Ssecondary school sport field
Size of site: 2.500 m²

Current condition: extremely worn-out surface, full of holes and loose in spots; high risk of injury to the pupils who use it a lot during breaks and sport classes; requires urgent renovation