25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Camilo Brau

Highly moving images from the key event marking the anniversary were seen by an audience of more than a million people in Germany and abroad.

After contributing to the tremendous worldwide popularity of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2009, we once again took on the task of organising the celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of the event in autumn of 2014. We joined with multiple partners to create and implement a highly unique and symbolic visual attraction along the path of the Wall that had divided Berlin for 28 years. This time once again, images from the event were broadcast around the world. From 7 to 9 November, a line of 8,000 balloons lit up a 15-kilometre path that wound through the city, thereby providing a breathtaking embodiment of the dimension of the Wall that once divided the city. At several steles set up along the route, visitors were invited to hear the stories of many of the people whose lives had been significantly affected by the Wall. Roughly 2 million people visited this “border of lights” on the anniversary weekend alone.

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Oana Popa

Thousands of balloons light up the Berlin night sky

This temporary light installation comprised 8,000 glowing white balloons and marked the highpoint of the anniversary celebrations. Billed as a “border of lights”, these balloon traced the path of the former inner-city Wall along a path of 15 kilometres. On the evening of 9 November, roughly 8,000 “balloon patrons” stood at “their” balloons and joined with their neighbours on both sides to symbolically release them into the night sky, thereby symbolically toppling the border and jointly overcoming the division of the city, just as in 1989.

A line of 8,000 balloons lit up Berlin’s night sky on a 15-kilometre path that embodied the breathtaking dimension of the city’s former division.

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