Long Night of Museums

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Marion Borries

Berlin’s Long Night of Museums is the first of its kind in the world and marks the highpoint of the summer season for museums in the capital.

The Long Night of Museums invites visitors and guests to discover the diverse treasures of Berlin’s rich museum landscape again or for the first time at more than 70 participating museums and exhibition spaces. This unique nighttime museum event was first held in 1997 and has since become the largest cultural event in the capital. Its success spawned similar iterations in cities all over the world, where it has long since become a cult brand. Even after more than twenty years, the original Long Night of Museums in Berlin continues to reinvent itself each year, inspiring returning fans and first-time visitors alike, as shown by the over one million tickets sold to date. Click here to visit the website.

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Antje Schröder

Current Information

The next Long Night of Museums will take place on August 27, 2022.

Cancelled: Long Night of Museums on August 28, 2021

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Long Night of Museums cannot take place in 2021.

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Oana Popa
Berlin’s Long Night of Museums reinvents itself every year and continues to inspire returning fans and first-time visitors alike.

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