Zerstörte Vielfalt (Diversity Destroyed). Berlin 1933-1938

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Christian Kielmann

Berlin’s “Theme Year 2013” commemorated the anniversaries of two key turning points in 20th century German history: the 75th anniversary of the November pogroms of 1938 and the 80th anniversary of the Nazi seizure of power in 1933.

This joint “theme year” project brought together more than 170 partners and comprised almost 1,000 events co-coordinated and promoted by our team. First and foremost was a large exhibition titled “Diversity Destroyed” co-created by the German Historical Museum (DHM). The exhibition was on display over the course of the entire year and also spotlighted the wealth of associated city-wide projects and events. These included an open-air exhibition at the Lustgarten and eleven additional installations, each displaying the breadth of 1930s Berlin’s cultural diversity and its subsequent obliteration at the hands of the Nazis. The complex theme of diversity destroyed was presented to the public in a vivid and effective manner, for example by means of advertising columns featuring large-scale biographical portraits introducing over 200 both famous and less famous Berliners who were persecuted by the Nazis, forced to emigrate or murdered. Their individual biographies served as a link between the various projects and events, which thereby returned these individuals to their rightful place at the heart of Berlin city life.

A city-wide open-air exhibition spotlighted 1930s Berlin’s cultural diversity and its subsequent destruction by the Nazis.

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